Divorce Filing


Divorce Filing

When you get ready to walk down the aisle, a divorce filing is usually the last thing on your mind. If you are like most brides or grooms, you think that it couldn’t possibly happen to you- but really, nothing is further from the truth. The divorce rate is at almost fifty percent for couples married in the past five years, meaning that people are either entering into marriage far too soon or thinking that love alone is enough to keep them together.

The biggest cause of divorce, quite simply, is lack of communication. Marriage is a partnership, where it helps if each person knows what the other is thinking and feeling. You both need to be sure to stay on the same page, and it helps if you share common values and goals. If your ideals are too far apart for compromise, a divorce is almost a certainty.
Sometimes, though, communication can be hard with both spouses working. If both arrive home after a hard day at work, they’re tired, irritable and don’t feel like doing anything at all. However, if people don’t carve out time and energy to talk to their partner, they’ll start drifting apart and divorce is a likely result.

Divorce can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. Of course, you’ll need a lawyer- if you and your spouse have drifted away from one another, you don’t really know what they’ll do in the event of a divorce. Getting a lawyer is a good way to safeguard your interests. It can get messy if there are children or a lot of assets involved, but if both people work at it, the divorce can be negotiated peacefully.

If a divorce is your only option, you should put every bit as much effort into its planning as you did for your wedding. Planning and knowledge of what to expect is key to making sure that you get a fair deal.







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