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Divorce Financial Planners

People have just recently started using financial planners during the divorce process, but the high divorce rate means that the field is experiencing rapid growth. When a marriage dissolves, assets, debts, and income must be divided. In the past, mediators and attorneys, although untrained, have usually taken on the role of financial adviser. Accountants and appraisers have also participated in divorce cases, but their efforts usually focus on computing the value of assets and determining if any are being hidden. Financial planners work to ensure a fair distribution of not only assets, but liabilities such as credit and mortgage debt.

As their name implies, financial planners are experts in personal finance. They’ve spent their entire careers helping people achieve their financial goals like planning for retirement or for college, so they have the skills necessary to allow them to help divorcing people with their financial issues. They can analyze the information they’re given, and provide the client with a better snapshot of their long-term financial situation.

A divorce financial planner can help a person going through a divorce to focus on their finances, which can take some of the emotion out of divorce negotiations, and help to set a more professional and productive tone for discussions. Having some sound financial advice helps people make more feasible and rational decisions, and people that use a financial planner can often leave the divorce process feeling much more secure. Here are some of the things that a divorce financial planner can help to do:

• Assess and stabilize your finances
• Draw up a fair and realistic budget for after the divorce
• Calculate each spouse’s ability to pay debts, and how much money each can live on
• Ethically lower the amount of tax to be paid.
• Help people learn to live within their means.

Divorce is a stressful thing, and its ups and downs can make even the most patient person upset. By hiring a good lawyer, a mediator, and a divorce financial planner, you can end an unsuccessful marriage without having to worry about ruining yourself financially.




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