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Your attorney, or lawyer, is probably the most important professional that you’ll encounter when you need to file for divorce. There can be a lot of difference in lawyer fees from one area to another, and sometimes they can vary widely even within the same city. When you hire a divorce lawyer, it’s important that you understand how their fee structure works. For instance, you should find out if they need a retainer fee, which is money that you pay up front before they begin work on your case. As they work for you, their pay is taken from this retainer. In more protracted cases, the original retainer will be exhausted and the lawyer will need another. From any attorney, you should ask for a written monthly statement that shows what you have been charged for.

Along with this, you should ask your attorney to clarify exactly what services that they’ll be billing you for. The services which are billed can be a deciding factor in choosing an attorney. Try to choose a divorce lawyer that will provide you with an itemized statement that lists court fees, witness fees and other expenses. You should check your statement for accuracy, and it should be easy to read and understand. If the lawyer is evasive about their record-keeping or the way they bill their hours, you should seek counsel elsewhere.

A good divorce attorney should always be able to help you clearly understand your legal rights, and they should also have a clear idea of how they will defend those rights. They should be able to handle the tasks that go with your case with a minimum of oversight, and they should return phone calls quickly. The lawyer is there to get you the most favorable outcome in a divorce case. If your case can be settled out-of-court, that should be a priority for your lawyer. Before you hire an attorney, you should sit down with them and clarify any issues and concerns. A divorce is never easy, but if you hire an aggressive-but-ethical divorce lawyer, you have a much better chance at a favorable outcome.




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