Divorce Mediation


Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation offers a way for couples to settle their disputes without turning their divorce into a long and bitter fight. Instead of pitting one person against the other in a fight to the death for assets and children, divorce mediation uses different methods to resolve conflict. This article will tell you why it’s such a good idea.

We all know that divorce can get expensive. If you are going through one, you’ll pay, both financially and emotionally. Although mediation doesn’t make the pain go away completely, it can help lessen the toll taken when your marriage doesn’t work out.

During a mediation, husband and wife sit down with an impartial third person, the mediator. Divorce mediatiors must get trained in order to properly deal with divorce matters, and their job is to give each person a chance to talk about the issues that matter to them, and the mediator also helps people decide if divorce is indeed the best option.

The mediator will also tell how the law works, and if they are licensed to practice law, they can create and file legal documents. Mediation isn’t legally binding- the couple has the final say in all divorce matters, but some states require couples with children to use a divorce mediator to help with custody and visitation matters.

Divorce mediators draw up agreements stating how property, money and debt will be divided in the settlement. They do this by determining each partner’s assets and their debts., and they will leave people with a pretty good idea of how the judge will rule as far as property and child custody.

Mediation shouldn’t be used in place of legal advice. Mediators shouldn’t tell people not to hire a lawyer- in fact, most mediators encourage it. Together, a lawyer and your mediator can help you make sure that your interests are looked after.







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