Jon Kate Divorce


Jon Kate Divorce

Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a ratings king on the TLC network, but Jon and Kate after the divorce will be a mess- an expensive mess. Just college tuition for eight children will run into seven figures. As they disclose their separation on TV, most people’s focus will be on what went wrong in their marriage, how the divorce will affect the eight children, and how they will move on and move forward.

As is the case in all divorces, financial questions are often at the forefront. In the case of a large family like the Gosselins, money issues are magnified many times over. In most divorces, the parents agree to split the costs of any higher education, and the Gosselins could benefit greatly by drawing up an agreement as to who will pay for what.

Here are some other concerns for those with large families who are going through a divorce:

• How are child support payments calculated? In the case of Jon and Kate, the divorce papers didn’t stipulate child support payments for Jon. Most states use an income share model, where parents pay an amount that’s based on their income- it’s a fair way to make sure that the children’s lifestyle isn’t affected too severely. However, in Pennsylvania, the state the Gosselins call home, their high income means that the child support payments will be figured based on expenses.
• Who pays for the children’s health care? In most divorces, children keep the coverage they had under the policy a parent had before the divorce. However, if certain expenses go unreimbursed, they’ll be split according to the parent’s income. In Pennsylvania, the parent that has custody must pay a $250 per year deductible per child- that’s going to add up for the Gosselins.
Most of the time, parents don’t budget for those expenses, waiting for the divorce agreement to settle the details.



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