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What is child custody?

Child custody is legal term with is used to determine and describe legal bundle of rights and practical relationship between parent and his child, it determine parent rights and his duty. Child custody includes numerous concepts that try to provide understanding of the respective parents rights and obligations.

Legal custody provides parents with right to make decisions regarding health and education for his child. Physical custody determine which parent has actual right to live with child.

Shared custody is legal term that allow both parents to have equally rights to both psychical and legal custody of the child, it is typically found in cases where both parents can dissolve personal differences for sake of rising a child in natural environment.

When both parents are participating in decisions regarding health, education and welfare it is Joint Legal Custody and it is one of most common child custody.

Martial status have no bearing what so ever in child custody and visitation, judge will rule on what he or she believes to be best in child interests.

Some states that is old enough to have an impact upon the determination of custody and visitation by considering they wish to stay with one parent or the other. It will still be the judges decision and child will not have final say, but judge will listen closely to child wishes.

Custody rights can be changed if there is a change in circumstances, because we live in mobile society it is recommended that you periodically evaluate your parenting plan. There are no juries in custody cases, only judges and they make final decisions.




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