Main Causes of Divorce


Main Causes of Divorce

Marriage is a way for a couple who are involved in a relationship to announce and develop their love for one another. Unfortunately, the reality is that many relationships, even at the marriage stage, will deteriorate. The problem is, once a couple becomes married, they are legally obliged to file for a divorce, a formal and stressful procedure for both parties.

The question is: what are the main reasons for divorce?

Many individuals instant reaction would be to suggest that lack of communication may be the main cause of divorce; however, I would tend to disagree. Whilst a deteriorating relationship may include lack of communication, it is most likely that other aspects of the relationship have led to this becoming an issue.

A strong relationship will hold together throughout the good, the bad and the ugly. However, relationships that are just slightly unstable, will feel the pressure of life a lot more. This means that issues with life in general rather than the actual relationship will start to damage the relationship.

This could include financial or work related issues, where one of the two individuals is out of work, struggling to find a job or even in a significant amount of debt. Whilst people who are not in a relationship deal with the pressures and rectify the problems alone, a relationship requires a joint effort. This includes solving the problems and dealing with the stress.

A large percentage of divorces are filed due to couples not allowing time to get to know each other before getting married. Couples that don’t allow themselves the time to know each other inside out are practically asking for their relationship to fail – but why?

Over time, personality traits that one of the married parties doesn’t agree with or like, will soon start to play on their mind. Alongside this, such things as criminal records or sexual activities in the past are significant factors that can cause a divorce. This can easily become unbearable for the other party and may lead to the couple losing their attraction for each other. Once either party feels that the love between them is decreasing, it definitely will.

This is actually where lack of communication comes in. Thanks to the above reasons, the married couple will find themselves communicating less frequently. In actually fact they will also find that they will be communicating in a negative way more than previously, whilst they positive based communication will have decreased. This tends to lead to ‘the final straw’ which inevitably, means a divorce!




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